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(Of course, "featured" is a loose term.)

Quotes From Amazed Fans!

Nobody asked for a 20mph Office Chair, but that didn’t stop Andy from making one. And a damn fine one to boot.
— Chris Bianco, pizza guy
— Ryan Gullotti, Poäng Aficionado
Badass. Simply, badass.
— Charleen, Dimension Engineering
Andy is seriously crazy, but he’s also seriously awesome.
— Dave Woodruff, meltmedia
Two motors isn’t fair. Why don’t I have weapons??
— Neighbor kid on go kart
People ask me why a man would have another man as a work wife. One answer always shuts them up: “Office Chairiot.”
— Ron Barry, work wife
There’s such a marriage here of creativity and innovation and joy in this insane office chair. My hope is that his work can inspire others to learn to weld, program, solder, design, upholster, manufacture, etc. and who knows what kinds of innovation he can bring to DIY/maker types needing or making wheel chairs.
— Anthony Garone, MakeWeirdMusic.com