Office Chairiot Mark II: Ridiculous Doesn't Even Begin to Describe It

The Office Chairiot Mark II is completely ridiculous, but it is VERY functional. Everything except for the control panel is pretty much off-the-shelf. The joystick can connect directly to the motor controller to do differential steering on its own. Making one of these for someone who could use a tricked out assistive chair is a piece of cake, especially with the resources available at LM!

This thing is nothing more than a chair of your choice, 2 x 12V batteries, a couple of 24V DC scooter motors, some miscellaneous scooter parts, a joystick and a chassis. Easy as pie... -ish.

I'm ALWAYS happy to chat about this thing, so hit me up some time!

Difficult, but not impossible! ;)

Here were the two inspirational images I used when I started dreaming up the control panel:


The other one that gave me the idea for spacing out my switches and buttons was this one:

These panels make me giddy. :p

Those two images are in the folder on my Mac with all of the design files and the scan of the original napkin drawing. That Command Module Main Display Console is gorgeous. I would TOTALLY put that on the Office Chairiot Mark III! Problem would be fitting it through a standard office doorway. :|

Andy Frey

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