Is Andy crazy?



Is the Office Chairiot safe?

Mk I, no. Mk II... um, still no. Define, "safe."


How fast will it go?

It's gone as fast as 18 MPH. Based on the math behind the motors and sprockets, possibly as fast as 25 MPH. It is, after all, built on power scooter parts.



Short answer: Why not?

Longer answer: Andy's wife is pretty unlikely to allow him to purchase an airliner cockpit or 1960's era space capsule, so this chair and its ridiculous control panel are as good as it will get for Andy.

Alternative answer: Is going 20 MPH in an IKEA chair not a good enough reason??

Why was the Office Chairiot at SEMA 2014?

Because Local Motors didn't know any better than to associate with this project. meltmedia didn't have a choice. And Andy couldn't be happier about the whole thing  :)


What is meltmedia's involvement in this?

Andy is employed by meltmedia and the owners at melt have encouraged him to continue to develop this amazing dog-pile of technology and makership. meltmedia has also sponsored some electronic components used in the Chairiot.


What is Local Motors' involvement in this?

Local Motors is a global co-creation community made up of enthusiasts, hobbyist innovators and professionals. They are designers, engineers, and makers. Sounds like Andy's kinda group.

Local Motors has provided chassis and body fabrication services to help further develop the Office Chairiot into a more versatile platform for moving more than just Andy's lazy ass around the office. Stay tuned for more accessory fun to find out what we mean by that.


What kind of batteries does it use?

The batteries are a type of 12-volt, sealed lead-acid battery called, "AGM" (absorbed glass mat) batteries. They are non-spillable and the particular ones used on the Mk II provide 18 Amp-hours for the Chairiot systems.


How much does it weigh?

With both motors and all three batteries and the IKEA chair, the Office Chairiot Mk II weighs somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 lbs. Haven't officially weighed it, but that's about what it feels like lifting it into the back of the truck.


Is the seat heated?

No. The power windows don't work, either. AC is out. The back massager may be forthcoming.


How did this idea come about?

There was an original Office Chairiot Mark I that Andy built to get from his desk to the conference room at meltmedia. But it was dangerous and difficult to control.

The idea for the Office Chairiot Mark II was born from a napkin drawing (like all great inventions) and was built to replace the previous generation. It was also built to be so much more (see the "Details" part of this site).


What the heck is this thing and how can I build one?

Glad you asked! All the details, as they evolve, are right here:

And here:

An of course, here:


Any more questions?

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