Another Update on Circuit Boards and Control Panel

Another update because I feel updatey today...

Here is a photo of the audio PCB and the Adafruit Class D amp breakout board and MP3+SD card breakout board:

Any of the sound effects on the Office Chairiot Mk II can be customized by simply placing an MP3 on the SD card. Which sound is tied to which effect is configured in the LCD menu system on the control panel and can be done on-the-fly.

Here is a 3D rough rendering of the aluminum control panel enclosure (chair and brackets not included in image, sadly):

The 2nd edition of the aluminum control panel is pictured below with the controls temporarily inserted. The 1st edition was laser-cut from ⅛" stock and was unnecessarily heavy and thick. The new one is .060" and much more like a real panel designed by someone who might know what they're doing. I don't, that's for sure.

The joystick (lower-left) (I'm left-handed, what of it?) and the horn/turn signal buttons panels will be level, the main control panel will be at a 30º angle.

The panel was originally going to be black plastic with white lettering. This is what the design would look like:

I opted fro aluminum instead because it reminded me more of a NASA space vehicle panel of some sort. I dunno. Aluminum is cool, so is shiny black plastic... Meh.

Here's what the white version of the panel design looks like (imagine it on a brushed aluminum surface, please):

I think the GPS fix indicator is missing in the upper-right, but you get the idear.

The two 12V AGM batteries for the drive system bookend the space for the motor controller, which I put in a hacked aluminum enclosure from Fry's Electronics, for now. Copper straps hold the batteries in place. The motors are mounted on adjustable wood cradles. The wheels are chain-driven and geared down. They're from, as are the wheels and axles.

I'll be bringing the entire contraption down to LM shortly. The joystick is currently not connected to the motor controller, so driving it amounts to pushing it. :p

Andy Frey

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