Custom Control Panel Enclosure Update

Liquid Metal Concepts here in Phoenix is helping make the aluminum enclosure for the control panel super-extra-rad with some fancy laser cutting and bending. Here are some renderings of the panel (pre chair attachment design)...

So, the cool kids use Solidworks. I'm a lowly Adobe Illustrator and Blender 3D putz. Solidworks does such an incredible job. #Jealous

The guys at Liquid Metal Concepts are really cool and I'd already started working with them before I learned that I could have brought all of my fab ideas/troubles to the LM Labs. So, next revision... There's still a sizable list of to-do items:

  • Body design, build
  • PCB fab and build (working on that right now)
  • Microcontroller software (working on it)
  • Replace the wooden chassis with a proper metal one

The next round of updates to this thing, which will likely happen at LM, will be a modular seat/cart system so that we can use a seat or a wagon cart on the chassis. Then I'd like to make the joystick detachable for use in mule mode. After that, start working on wireless control and eventually possibly line-following or indoor location services to have the chair figure out where to go on its own. #Skynet or #Chairnet

Looking forward to some cool pimpin' out on this baby at LM!

Andy Frey

My name is Andy and I am a maker. Enough about me. How are you? What did you have for lunch yesterday? Have you made anything cool lately? OK, back to me: I like to make things, with or without purpose. Clocks, shelves, machines that turn themselves off, homemade circuit boards, IKEA chairs with motors, etc. I love to learn how to manufacture stuff myself. I also love to take things apart to see how real-world products are engineered.